X-Rays and Ultrasound in Goose Creek, SC
Kidd Chiropractic and Wellness

X-Rays and Ultrasound in Goose Creek, SC

X-Rays Provide Dr. Kidd with Crucial Health Information About Her Patients

To get our patients on the road to recovery faster, we offer non-digital x-rays right at Kidd Chiropractic and Wellness. Dr. Debbie Kidd, DC will work with you every step of the way. Not only will our patients save time and energy, but x-rays on site means finding the root cause of the problem faster and getting their health back on track!

X-rays are often taken on most of our patients to give Dr. Kidd an inside look at what is going on with the bone structure of the spine and surrounding skeletal structure. From these x-rays, Dr. Kidd can detect current spine angles as well as any additional potential issues that may occur.

Ultrasound Therapy at Kidd Chiropractic and Wellness

Ultrasound therapy helps to reduce muscle pain and movement dysfunction. Sound waves deliver deep heat to the areas of the body that need treatment. As a result of the sound waves, the patient benefits from reduced stiffness, swelling and pain. Increased circulation and the promotion of pain free movement are positive effects of using ultrasound therapy.

Following ultrasound, Dr. Debbie Kidd may provide gentle chiropractic adjustments, stretching routines and rehabilitative exercises.

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